About Us

About Us

Mr. Parrot Website Development consists of a select flock of individuals (one owns a Parrot, that’s actually a Budgie.) who, through their own experience building websites for themselves, decided that they could create high quality, tailored websites for everyone!

Mr. Parrot, CEO of Mr. Parrot Website Development

Mr. Parrot founded Mr. Parrot Website Development in early 2018. He has a passion for creating high quality, reasonably priced WordPress websites. His favorite song is “Cause I Got High” by Afroman.

Javon Johnson, President of Mr. Parrot Website Development

Javon really loves parrots. Having spent many years building several websites on the side,  he combined his love of parrots and website development in co-founding Mr. Parrot Web Dev with Mr. Parrot and Thomas Harris. He also wrote this bio about himself in third person. 

Thomas Harris, Vice President and Managing Director of Mr. Parrot Website Development
Tom is a published photographer, having built websites for himself, felt like he could offer quality sites to other people, CUE MR. PARROT